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Most Popular Questions

What is your policy on expiry dates for fresh items?

We pack each as fresh as possible in a protective atmosphere, and we provide a full refund if products are expired or damaged.

Do these have any peanut or peanut oil?

Only the Trail Mix package contains peanuts, and it is packed in a separate facility. None of the other packs contain any peanut or peanut oil.

Does anything need to be refrigerated? I plan on keeping these at my desk at work.

Hi there, our products stay fresh at room temperature, as long as the packs are not open. You do not need to store the packs in the refrigerator. Feel free to keep them at your desk 🙂

Can I order just fruit strips or strawberries?

Hi there, our single flavor options are going to be available very soon. Stay tuned 🙂

What are nutrition values?

Hi there 🙂 To see the nutrition values, click on the All Products for detailed information.