We are a healthy snack brand
that offers dry and
fermented snack options
to healthy nutrition enthusiasts.


Fresh vegetables and fruits from carefully selected local producers are processed without damaging their textures, contaminating them with unhealthy ingredients and preservatives.

Our natural ingredients become healthy snacks preserving their nutritional values by using freeze-drying fermentation methods and packaged in sterile conditions.


Our clean healthy snack is produced using the freeze-drying and fermentation method, without changing the ingredients's taste and texture. It doesn't contain any hidden ingredients.

You eat what you see!

We just transformed healthy ingredients into delicious snacks with littke touches so more people can chose a healthy way of nutrition!


We use just olive oil because...
It's healthy!

Oils such as palm oil and kernel oil, which are offered as vegetable oil in the market, have high saturated fat content (approximately 50%). In olive oil, this rate is very low (10%).

Monounsaturated fat content is one of the richest oils in terms of antioxidants and beneficial fatty acids.

It's sustainable!

Unlike palm oil, rainforests are not destructed for olive oil production.

Our olives are hand picked from a single field and cold pressed in 8-12 hours after being picked by hand. It has a maximum of 0.3 Acidity.


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